Europe and the U.S. Unite for Security – What Does This Mean?

Etias Immigration
Etias Immigration
On June 19th, 2019, Europe and the United States reaffirmed their partnership in addressing common security threats. The meeting was held in Bucharest, Romania, under the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, where both sides discussed multi-year cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs.
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The EU’s Priority is Security

The European Union and the U.S. discussed the recent development of migration and border management policies. Security affects all European member states, and Europe is constantly developing better security programs and strengthening the region’s defenses. In June of 2016, Europe’s Global Foreign and Security Policy Strategy showed that an unstable geopolitical environment further emphasizes the link between external and internal EU security.

The ETIAS system will be developed by the European agency EU-LISA, which implements large-scale I.T. security systems. All documentation admitted into the system will be pre-screened and compared with its databases to guarantee the safety and security of both the visitor and host. We believe that using this method will decrease criminal activity, avoid terrorist activity, and eliminate any malpractice that may occur in regard to the government and its jurisdiction. By 2025, the ETIAS application will become mandatory for travelers to Europe from over 60 countries, including those from the United States. You will need to complete a simple application that doesn’t take much of your time. Be sure to look into the requirements page of our website to ensure that you register for the application correctly.

Each applicant must complete the simple application procedure, which will require a valid passport and email address. ETIAS security will identity travelers who pose a threat to citizens and/or tourists in the Schengen Area. The countries in the area have agreed to align their current policies with the new legal framework that requires a shift from visa-free travel to the new ETIAS visa waiver program. Because this may cause future changes to requirements, you should pay attention on the most recent ETIAS news and updates.

Europe-U.S. Joint Effort to Fight Terrorism and Ensure ETIAS Security

The top priority is to take steps against terrorism around the world. According to the European Commission press release, they are ready further their joint efforts, which will include expanding the sharing of information collected in war zones. Both parties will exchange information to facilitate investigation and prosecution, and meeting participants welcome the results already achieved in this area.

The meeting also involved discussions about addressing aviation security threats, preventing the use of the internet for terrorist purposes, and protecting against biological, chemical, and nuclear threats.

Shared concerns

All European and U.S. members pledged to work together to maintain secure, open, and safe cyberspace at the meeting. They also exchanged information on how to best handle cyber threats.

According to the participants, the deployment of 5G network infrastructure may “pose security risks and affect the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies against crime,” making this topic a priority. Facilitating the best practices between the EU and U.S. will help address these challenges.

Other News

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Etias Immigration
Etias Immigration
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Etias Immigration
Etias Immigration
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Etias Immigration
Etias Immigration

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